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Owen Sound, Ontario Shears & Sharpening Services

We provide professional sharpening services to keep your tools sharp and in great condition to make any job easier safer and efficient. Any job is easier if the tools you are using are sharp. We understand that time is money which is why we promise a quick turn around for all your sharpening needs.

Our mobile service can stop by your office, work site or restaurant and sharpen on the spot with no down time. We’ll travel anywhere within a 50 KM radius of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

You can also drop off blades at the shop or mail them in. We will call, email or return them by mail A.S.A.P. We also offer a knife exchange program for businesses as well, tell us how often you want it done and we’ll be there.

Our Sharpening Services

Mail-In Sharpening

Expert Sharpening Services – Scissors, Knives, Shears & Clipper Blades. Professional knife, scissor and clipper blade sharpening services – now available to do mail-in sharpening services – send us your dull knives, scissors and clipper blades and we’ll send them back to you all sharpened – anywhere in Canada

Chefs and Food Service

Sharp knives are proven to be safer, make less work and do less damage to food. There is nothing worse than trying to get work done with a dull knife. We can help you keep all your knives and cleavers sharp.


Clean sharp grooming tools last longer and make your job easier. Do not struggle to do your job with a dull blade. We can help you keep your tools sharp. We are happy to offer the following services: blade sharpening and cleaning of small and large clippers, repair and maintenance of clippers, blade and clipper replacement. We stock some grooming supplies as well. Distributor of Wahl clippers and blades as well as Heiniger clippers both battery and corded.


We sharpen clipper blades, nail clippers, scissors, knives, grooming shears and small dental and surgical instruments. We sharpen and clean blades, do clipper repair and maintenance, replace blades, have grooming supplies. We stock Wahl clippers, clipper blades, and Heininger clippers both battery and corded. We are distributors of Ukal products.

Hair Salon

Your tools are an extension of yourself. We sharpen scissors as well as clipper blades. We sharpen both blades of thinning shears.

Home Owner

Clean and sharp scissors, knives or gardening tools will make jobs around the house easier and quicker. Your tools will last longer if you keep them sharp. We can help you keep them sharp. We sharpen non-electric gardening tools, edgers, pruners, and tree loppers.

Upholstery and Tailor Tools

Your tools are an extension of you. Clean and sharp tools last longer and make your work easier. Do not struggle to get work done with dull scissors or blades. We sharpen fine fabric shears, thread snipers, and heavy duty industrial shears.

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